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Dragon Ball Super x Justice League Action - Part 5
Part 5 - The Vile Team-Up!
Lights shined within a huge chamber where Luthor was standing until a dimensional rift formed near him.
"It seems that my guest has arrived," Luthor smirked and was in his power suit.
Frieza emerged from the dimensional rift within his final form when he smirked, "Very impressive. You used some kind of power to resurrect me and create a portal between our dimensions..."
"Oh, its thanks to mysteriously artifact I found..." Luthor smirked when he walked over to a platform that has a strange white ball with a black star on it.
"Oh, that looks like a artifact from my dimension called a dragon ball... Yet it looks very different from the ones I saw," Frieza approached the platform and rubbed his index finger onto his chin, "The ones I saw were golden with red stars. This one is snow white with a black star..."
"Ones? There is more than one in your dimension?" Luthor looked over at him with a curious look on his face.
"Yes. Seven of them," Frieza glanced bac
:icontheslasherchaos:TheSlasherChaos 3 0
SHSL Inventor by riyuta SHSL Inventor :iconriyuta:riyuta 302 10
Fire emblem Oc Nightowl
(done as a project on my last day of college)
Name: Nightowl
Side: Hoshido and revelation
Description: A mysterious Brooding Kinshi Knight who's biggest motivation is money (birthday 24.04)
Starting class: Kinshi Knight
Starting level: 1
Weapon rank: Bow/Yumi: C Lance/Naginata: D
Starting items: Steel Yumi and a Swordcatcher
cooking skill: Decent
Appearance: A young woman with short black hair wearing an all black version of the Kinshi Knight attire
Personality: Quiet, mysterious and Brooding Nightowl often spends her time haunting people as she is often mistaken for an evil spirit in Birthright she joins in chapter 11 hearing about a ship being attack and in revelation she can be found in chapter 13 where she is classed as an other unit talk to her in both story lines to recruit her and she can only support the avatar (corrin)
Unique trait: Deathly Gaze: units that fight Nightowl do 15% less damage
Voice actor: Dame Helen Mirren
asking for gift: perhaps I should get new armo
:iconjoelowes:Joelowes 1 2
Commission: RWBYxCowboy Bebop by KegiSpringfield Commission: RWBYxCowboy Bebop :iconkegispringfield:KegiSpringfield 213 57 Pg.11 by Shinaruka Pg.11 :iconshinaruka:Shinaruka 9 6
My Hero! Tatsumaki X Male Reader! #3

                                                       Chapter 3
                                             Shadow meets Blizzard 
You taken your entrance exam, in order to be a hero in Hero Association you have to take the exam. After taking the exam you have been assigned to B-Class, as you thought you couldn't work with the S Class but thanks to Metal Bat he let's you join for training until you can work your way up. With a long way to go, can you do it?
Attention Readers I have announcement to make. After this story, I will start a double chapter e
:iconayalachris91:AyalaChris91 8 2
Dear Chauncey The Cringe King
You wanted to leave Miiverse, right? Then stop with all of the pointless complaining and leave already. The world isn't about you, nor is it about me or anyone else, the world is never going to be perfect, so that is something you are going to have to deal with.
Yeah, you are accused because everyone knows you are at fault, no matter how much you don't want to admit it. And don't bring up the excuse of "Oh, I was autistic back then. :-/" because that is bull. Autism doesn't just go away, it stays with you for the rest of your life! Don't try to prove me wrong, it is a fact, my friends who are autistic says that it's not possible for autism to just disappear, look it up and see for yourself. I'm not falling for that awfully poor excuse anymore.
And are LITERALLY calling the whole world psycho, immature, selfish, etc. Every single person you have brought up, you use those same words on them. I'll say it once again, THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO BE PERFECT. Everyone isn't exactly l
:iconmelonadetea57:MelonadeTea57 2 8
Ten good resons to never let go of a dime by MillArts-Artworks Ten good resons to never let go of a dime :iconmillarts-artworks:MillArts-Artworks 9 2 Double D shuts the door on Shikimi. by Wcher999 Double D shuts the door on Shikimi. :iconwcher999:Wcher999 27 34 BlazBlue OC - Kimiko Terumi New Appearance (BBCF) by AlyssaUrsino BlazBlue OC - Kimiko Terumi New Appearance (BBCF) :iconalyssaursino:AlyssaUrsino 28 6 Ragna? by muramasa73 Ragna? :iconmuramasa73:muramasa73 31 0 BBOC Noria Zillin by BrunoZillinHero BBOC Noria Zillin :iconbrunozillinhero:BrunoZillinHero 20 3 Comm: Avanti Savoia by ThatAwkwardOnion Comm: Avanti Savoia :iconthatawkwardonion:ThatAwkwardOnion 44 11 Comm - Uzume 4GO by KeenH Comm - Uzume 4GO :iconkeenh:KeenH 320 18 Uzume Render by Jessymoonn Uzume Render :iconjessymoonn:Jessymoonn 114 4 Patreon Free Sketch: Morning Light by manu-chann Patreon Free Sketch: Morning Light :iconmanu-chann:manu-chann 72 26


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Spring, to me, is okay. Out of all the seasons, I find Spring to be a fine season. I wonder why?


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